That Awkward Moment

I tried hard to ignore the fact that I wasn’t seeing as much honesty from That Awkward Moment‘s girls as I was from its boys. I wasn’t as interested as you might imagine in taking the film to task for gender balance issues. I think the Bechdel Test worked brilliantly as a comic, but it’s a wholly unreliable indicator of a problem that has existed for as long as film has been around, and its approach won’t so much solve that problem as create others. I certainly didn’t think I should dismiss the film just because the women in it never interact with one another. The film is, and has every right to be, from the boys’ point of view.

But That Awkward Moment really wants you to believe it’s getting women right. It gives them a little well-reasoned bite and lets its three male leads discombobulate around them. It wants to be a frat-boy comedy and a witty romancer all at the same time, determined as it is for multi-quadrant appeal. It might be enough to fool some, but there’s no truth here at all.

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